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gnupg2 and its integration in KDE-3.3.x


KDE, especially KMail make heavy use of quite some programs that only come 
with gnupg2. However, this is not even in Debian, yet.
Is Sarge going to ship without gnupg-agent, making OpenPGP-Support in KMail 

Just found another issue where gnupg2 would be needed: kwatchgnupg. It needs a 
program named watchgnupg that is not part of Debian. The program is shipped 
in the kleapatra package. However, the README.Debian is absolutely outdated.
I suggest a replacement text:
How to use OpenPGP/MIME and S/MIME in KMail

As time of this writing, GNU Privacy Guard 2 is not released, yet, but KMail 
is already able to make use of it.

To integrate OpenPGP/MIME with KMail, it needs the package "gnupg-agent". 
However, that package is not part of Debian, yet, and you need to add the 
following line to /etc/apt/sources.list:
deb http://smurf.noris.de/code/debian/ experimental smurf

Note, gnupg-agent must be started prior to KMail and the _same_ environment, 
see the gnupg-agent package for details.
[maybe add a 2nd note on how to do this best, e.g. with a script 
in /etc/Xsession.d or KDE environment script]

In the same repository is the package "gpgsm" that is needed to get S/MIME 
support in KMail.
To use kwatchgnupg from the kleopatra package, you also need watchgnupg that 
in in the package "gnupg2". This can be found in the above repository, too.
Note that "gnupg2" is no replacement for the "gnupg" package (still needed for 
inline-OpenPGP in KMail).

The dependencies of the packages from the download site (libgcrypt, dirnmng, 
libksba, libgpg-error, etc.), there are already packages in Debian. So if you 
do not want to alter /etc/apt/sources.list, it should be sufficient to 
manually get those packages and install them with dpkg or kpackage.

Currently, I have gnupg-agent and gpgsm installed which is sufficient, if you 
do not use kwatchgnupg.
NOTHING needs to be recompiled anymore with KMail from KDE-3.3.x.

A similar README should also be in the KMail package although kmail suggests 


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