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Kmail: inbox keep growing

Hello all,

I'm using Kmail 1.7.1 (from Sarge).
The Mail directory I use from my laptop is on an NFS export.
My general folders (inbox, trash, send-mail) are in mbox format; most 
others are maildir.

Although most of my mail gets filtered into other folders, all mail goes 
through inbox.
The result is that currently my inbox is 15MB, even though there are only 
a few messages actually in it.

The problem I have that I can find no way to compact these general 
folders. When I try to compact the inbox, I get a message in the status 
bar that compaction "has been disabled for security reasons", but having 
this folder only increase in size can't be good either.

In the past I could work around the problem for the inbox by moving all 
mails to another folder temporarily, it would then be compacted and after 
moving the mails back all would be OK.
Since the update to KDE 3.3.1 this no longer works.

So, how do I free all this wasted disk space?
Any help, tips welcome.

Frans Pop

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