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Re: Eject fails!?

On Wednesday 19 January 2005 11:12, Dirk Salva wrote:
> > I still maintain that he is probably missing the 'eject' package. It's a
> > simple thing to check, and it is often the cause of this problem. I have
> > had it myself plenty of times.
> Yes, I donŽt have eject installed. But why is it not a "must have"
> dependency, when menu-point "eject" is always there, donbŽt care if
> eject is installed or not!?

The menu point is always there, I think. It is probably part of kdesktop, 
which is always there when you have a complete KDE installation. kdesktop 
recommends eject. You should almost always install recommended packages. That 
is what aptitude does by default also, though you can tell it not to.

It's kind of the same with the kdepim-kio-plugins. You can use kmail without 
it, but if it is not installed, IMAP won't work at all.


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