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Re: 3.3.1 - Root crashes system

* C. D. Logan [Tue, 11 Jan 2005 20:20:04 -0600]:
> Have Sarge installed and all up to date including the 3.3.1 upgrades.
> All seemed to be working perfectly until I logged into KDE as root.
> Actaully, when I log OFF as root.  Logging in and running in KDE
> as root is fine...everything works a-ok.  But when root logs off, the system
> crashes hard.  No strange entries in any of the log files.  System
> reboot forces fsck run with tons of errors and many files to lost&found,
> but system recovers ok.  There are 5 'regular' users and root on this
> machine.  All regular users are fine. No crashes, lockups, etc., only
> the root user.  I renamed the .kde directory for root and let KDE go
> through the initial user setup, but the same problem is there.
> At root's logoff, the exit sound plays, the screen goes to black with the
> arrow cursor in the center of the screen, and it locks hard.... at least
> my assumption is it's locked... hadn't come up for air for 40 minutes with
> no reponse to mouse or keyboard.  Where else to look for a problem?

  What kernel are you running? If you're running a 2.4 series, then I
  suspect you're being bitten by #266760.

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