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Re: how to save settings of konqueror

On Tuesday 11 January 2005 01:48, Jianan wrote:
> One more thing, dumb ass, I have receive no reply from nor have I send out
> any mail to any Clemens. Follow the mail list carefully before you bark.
> You have made a big, damn fool of yourself.
> For your info, I have tried Settings->Configure View Profiles. It doesn't
> work. that is why I thought it is not the method, and I didn't mention it.
> Jianan

Jianan, cool it.

For someone that seems to think they know mailing list etiquette, can I please 
point this out:

You'll notice this list is fairly low on personal attacks and insults.  The 
fact that you seem to send and receive so many points to the fact that *you* 
are doing something wrong, and not that the world is faulty.



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