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Re: Debian bugreports (Was Re: Bug#247312: konqueror: opening...)

On Sunday 09 January 2005 14:51, tomas pospisek wrote:
> > So everyone here will rest in peace again, until the next poor guy dares
> > to raise the same lacks, and learn the hard way that some bug reports
> > should certainly not be sent to Debian KDE, contrarily to what the
> > Debian manuals states, and common practices or tools enable to.
> Such is reality. Get over it or better make something better out of it by
> stepping up and becoming a constrictive member of the community, by, f.ex.

Still something is clearly wrong with the way the whole bug reporting system 
works in Debian. Some developers simply don't have the resources to respond 
to all the bug reports they recieve, take for instance the samba source 
package which just keeps accumulating bug reports and nothing is ever done 
about them. Many bugs seem to be impossible to confirm and just keep hanging 
around as a ghost report cluttering up the system.

Also I don't understand why Debian isn't using a modern bug management system 
like bugzilla. The main advantage in this case would be acountability. Each 
reporter must have an acount which must be kept up to date. If the reporter 
goes away and it is not possible to confirm the bug, then it should just be 
closed. The way it is now, any random user can file bugs and just forget 
about them afterwards. He is never held responsible for following up on his 
report, and in fact it is a bit difficult to even locate your own bug reports 
in the system.

Kind Regards

Anders E. Andersen

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