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Re: how to clear cache

> I'm not going to spend anymore time on this rubbish.
 And so do I.

I do really not know what to do with such an undiscerning member of a mailing 
list (this is, if you want take it that way agains you, Jianan) and I also do 
not like to tell every newby to RTFM but there is really a limit about the 
simplicity of questions. And I can also not understand why he wants to learn 
how to klick on a button on KDE but not how to post on a mailing list.
You have to behave a little like the other expect you to if you want to be 
member of a community I think.
But Jianan found out on his own what to do with such posts, don't answer it:
> If you don't like a question for whatever 
> reason, just don't answer it. This is just plain, simple commonsense; a 
> unwritten rule of netiquette.  Straight-forward answer for a 
> question or none at all. What can be simpler than this?

I am sorry for this...

Cheers W. Mader

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