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Re: java plug-in (sablevm)

On Thursday 06 January 2005 15:58, Michael Koch wrote:
> I give up. "is not usable" is not really describing a problem. We
> can't even guess what your problem is out of this. There are many
> people out there that are happy with the free runtimes already.

I give up, too.  I haven't been trying to describe a problem.  I've been 
pointing out that as a general replacement for a Sun JRE (which you and 
others have been suggesting), it just ain't here.

How about this (from your own website):

"What is Kaffe not?
Kaffe is constantly under development, and lacks compatibility in many ways 
with the current releases of Java. It lacks many key features of a full Java 
virtual machine implementation - including security related features such as 
a complete bytecode verifier essential for running untrusted code.

Kaffe is not the best Java virtual machine for developing Java applications, 
as it lacks much in the way of documentation, compatibility, 
debugging/profiling support, etc. If you are learning Java, or are looking 
for a complete Java development environment, you will probably be best served 
by using a "real" Java development environment (such as the JDK) licensed 
from Sun. Check out our links page for more information."

Once you get those beat, or even just the first, I'll be willing to try it 

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