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Re: gui for broadband

Paul Johnson wrote:
> On Saturday 01 January 2005 07:31 pm, jianan wrote:
> > Is there a gui for broadband user to connect, monitor bytes
> > transferred, duration of connection, disconnection, etc. ?
> No.  Broadband isn't a kind of network interface.

Hmm, don't understand your point.  The question seems valid to me --
he's a broadband user, and he wants to monitor things like the number of
bytes transferred, duration of connection, etc.  (Things that can
typically be done for a modem (non-broadband) connection.  

Maybe your point is re "connect"?  I know some broadband connections are
always on (IIUC) (things like a cable modem) but does that also apply to
things like xDSL and ISDN?

Randy Kramer

> Ask smarter questions, get smarter answers.


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