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ttf-freefont - increased line spacing (Sid) (was: spacious -- recent change in unstable)

On Wednesday, 16 Jun 2004 22:01, jedd wrote:
> On Wed June 16 2004 10:52 pm, Alexander Nordström wrote:
>  ] Please don't change the Reply-To header to exclude the list. You may add
>  ] yourself to it if you want CCs (and I have assumed that this is the
> case), ] but make sure the list gets included too.
>  Sorry.  Had it set that way for ages.  I've fixed it now, I think.  I
> guess because I always use reply-all on lists, rather than just reply, I've
> never noticed the problem against other users .. hence never checked it for
> my own account.

Yep, it looks correct now. :)

>  Doing a reply-all here of course would result in a bounce when delivering
>  to the NOSPAM address.  Is this more convenient?  Who can say.

If I wanted replies to my address, I would add it in the Reply-To. Since I'm 
subscribed to the list, I don't request this. The NOSPAM block helps fend off 
replies that ignore this fact as a welcome side effect to its more obvious 

You should use "Reply to list" (L) rather than "Reply to all" (which replies 
to the sender even if the Reply-To line does not request this) or simply 
KMail's "Reply" (R) function which respects the Reply-To line, meaning it 
replies to the list unless someone requests anything else.

>  ] Are you by any chance using FreeSans or another one of the fonts in the
>  ] freefont package? It broke in the latest update a couple of days ago.
>  ] Choosing another font while it gets fixed seems to be the workaround.
>  I am indeed!
>  Okay .. tis fixed up now.  A curious bug to slip under the radar.  I
> checked bugs.kde .. but it was one of those problems that's notoriously
> tricky to work out a search string for.

It was. For me, it was made harder to track down because I had updates lined 
up from a few days, including the recent kdelibs and qt, which tend to be the 
usual suspects these days, and my initial suspicion pointed me in that 
(incorrect) direction too. Fortunately, I keep a log of what packages get 
updated and when, and was able to see that freefont was in the list the same 

For the record, the way I figured it out was by (1) realising that it was the 
text that was adding the extra space -- my title bars increased in size too, 
which takes the minimise/maximise buttons with it, making them huge, (2) 
testing another font and (3) noticing that it worked, searched 
bugs.debian.org for reports against freefont.

>  Thanks for the solution.

Glad to help, and I hope it gets fixed properly soon, which I'm sure it will. 
I miss FreeSans. It is an absolutely wonderfully readable font, and I 
normally use it for everything, including forcing all Web pages to use it.

Alex Nordstrom

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