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Re: opening .m3u files in konqueror

2004. június 4. 10:29 dátummal Theo Schmidt ezt írta:
> I have the same problem. Konqueror thinks it is a text file even
> though it has a m3u ending and I have associated .m3u endings with
> XMMS. I also have the same problem with some of my own HTML files:
> even though they have .htm endings, Konqueror wants to open Kwrite
> instead of just displaying. How do I change the mime type of my own
> files?

You need to change the mime types in apache's config file.
This is an example:

    AddType application/x-httpd-php3 .php3

You need to add something like that with the m3u extension to your 

    AddType aaudio/x-mpegurl .m3u

Best wishes,



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