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Re: opening .m3u files in konqueror

LeVA <leva@az.isten.hu> writes:

> 2004. június 3. 22:55 dátummal Paul Johnson ezt írta:
>> But have you associated m3u files to anything?
> It seems, that konqueror can open m3u files, but there is a specific 
> page, where it can not recognize it:
> http://www.webradioplus.com/
> If I click on the ON AIR button at the left, konq do not recognize the 
> file type. But when browsing other web-pages or my local directories, 
> after clicking on an m3u file, it shows me to open it with XMMS.
> So it is rather the web page's problem, not mine.

In that case, you need to pester webmaster@webradioplus.com to go fix
their broken mimetypes.

Paul Johnson
Linux.  You can find a worse OS, but it costs more.

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