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Kmail and OpenPGP

Hello together

I did a apt-get dist-upgrade yesterday and since then I have troubles with 
Kmail and signing and/or encrypting messages using OpenPGP. 

Since yesterday I am not asked anymore for my Pass-phrase and so the 
signing fails and an errormessages tells me if I would like to try again 
(resulting in the same error again), send unsigned or exit. 

I do have the OpenPGP-crypto module installed, but actually never used it, 
as M$ Outlook-user seem to have a problem with it. Therefore I used the 
build in OpenPGP that ships with KMail. Still the problem is there no 
matter what tool I use. 

Outside KMail encryption etc. works fine. 

Any idea of where to look? Any help is more then welcome.


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