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Re: Japanese characters in konqueror

* Anders Ellenshøj Andersen [Tue, 27 Apr 2004 20:42:20 +0200]:
> I've got my konqueror set up (all of kde in fact) for Danish language. Western 
> characters (iso-latin-1) are displayed fine. When I look at a website with 
> japanese characters all I get are square blocks.

> I've got the xfonts-intl-japanese package installed.

    Some random ideas:

        - the xfonts-ideas-japanese seem to be bitmapped fonts. These
          won't be available to Konqueror (or any other app using
          fontconfig, as any KDE3 or Gnome2 apps) unless font config is
          configured to offer bitmap fonts to apps [dpkg-reconfigure

        - even if fontconfig offers them, I *think* you must tell
          konqueror to use them. I mean, IIRC Pango uses other fonts
          than the configured fonts when the second lack some needed
          characters; it goes and figures which other fonts can provide
          them, I figure. OTOH, I think I've heard QT isn't capable of

    I am pretty sure wrt to the first point, but take the second one
    with caution. It'd be nice if someone could confirm or deny it with
    more first-hand knowledge.


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