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Re: Installing Agypten with KDE 3.2

On Tuesday 27 April 2004 05:12, Joseph A. Martin wrote:
> At the moment, I'm stalled. I haven't received any feedback on my current
> problems and I haven't been able to build the full second version of
> Aegypten. It would require rebuilding KMail and that requires have a
> version of libqt-dev that is compiled with STL support. And the version in
> Debian is *not* compiled with STL support. So, I'm taking a break for a
> bit.

I've tried to get it to work as well a while back, without any luck. I don't 
think you should be required to recompile any packages, at least not if you 
are using unstable.

It looks to me like there is an "in-crowd" to whom Aegypten is reserved, and 
regular users don't get to play.

Or is it that everybody thinks it works fine, and nobody bothered to report 
that it actually doesn't work at all?


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