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Re: Konqueror does not work with international domain names

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El Martes, 13 de Abril de 2004 17:59, Hendrik Sattler escribió:
> What I don't like is the way Debian handles libgnutls:
> libgnutls10 - GNU TLS library - runtime library
> libgnutls7 - GNU TLS library - runtime library
> libgnutls5 - GNU TLS library - runtime library
> Well, it's nice to have all those versions around but I really hope they
> ftp-master will delete them when nothing depends on them anymore :-/
> E.g. exim4 changed from libgnutls5 to libgnutls7 to libgnutls10. However,
> on upgrade, the old ones didn't get deleted although only exim4 used the
> old one. That way, you have two dead lib packages around :-(
> Other packages might work fine/better by linking against a newer version
> but don't get rebuilt.
> I really hope, apt/dpkg will take care of that problem in future...

	This is not an apt/dpkg task.

	You are more than welcome to file a bug against ftp.debian.org after checking 
if libgnutls5 is not needed by anyone else:

apt-cache rdepends libgnutls5

	Talking to the maintainer usually gives good results as well.

	And for your machine, well, deborphan is your friend. For the most of the 
cases, the following is enough:

deborphan | xargs apt-get --purge -y remove  (as root)


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