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Konqueror does not work with international domain names


how do I make those IDNs work within konquerors address bar?

All I get from Konqueror is
An error occurred while loading http://:
No hostname specified.

(I tried with address http://www.rundfunkgebührenzahler.de).

I installed idn tool:
$ host www.rundfunkgebührenzahler.de
 *** invalid answer name www.rundfunkgeb\252hrenzahler.de after A query for 
www.rundfunkgebührenzahler.de does not exist, try again
$ idn --quiet www.rundfunkgebührenzahler.de
$ host www.xn--rundfunkgebhrenzahler-jic.de
www.xn--rundfunkgebhrenzahler-jic.de    A

Looks like lots of name resolving apps should make use of libidn.


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