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Re: KDE322: libqt-mt => libqt3c102-mt

Henning Moll writes:

> On Sunday 25 April 2004 17:35, Dominique Devriese wrote:
>> Henning Moll writes:
>> > Hi!  Will this package be also renamed in the 'final release' of
>> > KDE322 for Woody?
>> Yes.

> AFAIK, 'c102' stands for the transition from one gcc-version to
> another incompatible gcc-version, which is done in sid. Why should
> this affect woody?

Oh, I see, I thought you were talking about unstable.  /me should
learn to read posts better...

About the c102 thing: KDE 3.2 depends on Qt >= 3.2.3, and I assume
that the KDE packagers for woody have just ported the qt-x11-free
packages from unstable to woody, instead of trying to adapt the woody
packages to a newer Qt.  I personally would probably have done the

>> > I am providing a package of k3b for woody. This package won't
>> > install with the current debs of KDE322. Sure, it's easy to
>> > correct this, but then, the package will fail on systems with
>> > older versions of KDE3.

Can't you make your package depend on kdelibs4, and use the implicit
kdelibs4->libqt3* dependency ?


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