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Where are my fonts ?


I have a trouble with KDE and Debian since V3.2 ... (SID)

I have lost some fonts ...

In my font selector I was seeing fonts like :
Fixed [Etl]
Fixed [Jis]
Fixed [Misc]
Fixed [Sony]
Gothic [Daewoo]
Gothic [Mplus]
Itc Zapf Chancery [Adobe]
Itc Zapf Chancery [Itc]
Terminal [Bistream]
Terminal [Dec]
Zapf Chancery
Zapt Dingbats
courier [Adobe]
courier [Bitsream]
courier [Urw]
helvetica [Adobe]
helvetica [Urw]

But now I don't have any of this fonts ... I do not see any font with "[ ]" 
next to the name ...

I have only one Fixed font, but I have a Courier,  and Courier 10 Pitch that I 
haven't got before ??

So where are my fonts ? In fact with xfontsel I can see my Fixed Sony, and 
other Fixed Jis ... but not with any KDE application ??

Thanks for your help !

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