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Re: Could not contact DCOP ?

On Wednesday 21 April 2004 10:58, Pascal Mainini wrote:

> in my case, the following directories in /tmp get accessrights of 600
> instead of 700 and can't get accessed anymore:

Many thanks, Pascal - I'll watch for that next time it happens! :)

> so, basically i just set up a cronjob which resets the permissions every
> now and then.

Yep, my mind was already running down that track.

> but if i'm not the only one with that problem, we should maybe file a bug
> about? or do some of the kde-people in here know, where the problems are
> coming from?

The reflex reaction is certainly to file a bugreport, but if neither of us can 
reproduce a random behaviour, then how will the KDE devels? :(

Anyway, I'll keep an eye on that. Thanks again, I wasn't expecting a reply let 
alone a possible fix :)


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