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Re: KDE 3.2.2 for Woody... Careful upgrading..

On Tue April 20 2004 10:00 am, Michael Peddemors wrote:
 ] Hmm.. THis was the worst KDE upgrade in a long while..
 ] Had to delete 1/2 of KDE to get the upgrade to work, from KDE 3.2.0 to 3.2.2

 I went from 3.2.0 to 3.2.1 and lost my bookmarks (and a few other
 things, as detailed in a message to this list some weeks back).
 Nothing that I wasn't prepared for (backups are a usual part of your
 schedule, right?) and nothing that you don't expect when using new

 ] Korganizer ate my calendar.. (Backup your .ics, actually my fault, anyone 
 ] upgrading should always backup their .kde directory, JUST IN CASE, however it 
 ] still should not have ate it.)

 That's really weird.  I haven't seen any hiccups with my jedd.ics file at
 all under any of the upgrade scenarios.  I'm using the unstable branch,
 but I don't see why, at a user-level, you'd lose that file.  Did it rename
 or copy the old file?  Did you look in your ~/.kde/share/apps/korganizer
 directory to see if there's a backup?

 Really, you should be doing backups of all your irreplaceable data,
 particularly prior to a major upgrade.

 ] OpenOffice no longer wants to install

 I'd suggest this is a Debian / woody problem, not a KDE one.

 ] kdeaddons won't install... Not sure why.. (Actually, NOW it does, but only 
 ] after installing kdeaddons-kfile-plugins, not sure why that didn't 
 ] automagically work)

 Using apt-get install .. ?  It won't automatically install new packages.
 I usually do 'apt-get upgrade -u' and look at all the things that won't
 install automatically, and then go and 'install' a few of those once the
 main lump's been installed, and slowly whittle down the 'can't install
 these yet' packages section.

 ] Fonts all changed..  (maybe new defaults,  and didn't keep the old settings.)

 I haven't seen any font changes in unstable (3.2.0 -> 3.2.1 -> 3.2.2) at
 a user-level.  I think perhaps one font changed for the default user, but
 not for any existing user.  Perhaps that's because I'd changed the default
 fonts (all 7? of them) a while back for the various font-types offered in
 the kontrol-centre.

 ] Aspell no longer likes it.. I think I backed up a version?

 If you really want to install two-day-old KDE versions, you should probably
 consider moving to something more recent than a 12-month old version of
 Debian.  unstable(sid) is really not that scary a place to be -- and you'll
 find more people are in that part of the world than the woody/unstablekde
 region, so you tend to get saner upgrades and better support.  Sad, but true.

 ] Lost 'psi' as it needs libqt3-mt, but that will remove everything.. as we now 
 ] use libqt3c102-mt (Strange the naming for qt3-dev-tools stayed the same)

 I've had a few packages that wanted to disappear and come back in another
 form .. but psi hasn't been one of them.

 ] Something replaces kdepim-libs.. I had to remove that one, it got jammed up as 
 ] well..

 Yes, libkdepim1.  apt-get upgrade or apt-get dist-upgrade is preferable
 to apt-get install's .. as a general rule, too.


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