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KDE 3.2.2 upgrade woes

Hi all,

Like other reports I also have had a bad experience upgrading my Woody
box to the 3.2.2 packages which were released. Here is just some of
the problems I've noticed so far.

1. All the shortcuts I had in the file dialog box in numerous
applications were eaten.

2. KDM logs in with any password at all and indeed, does the same with
no password.

3. KDM no longer uses the ssh-agent to start the session. This was the
single thing I liked the most about Debian when I started using it a
little over a year ago (well after apt-get).

4. Menus in various applications (well at least the ones I've tried so
far) are completely screwed. These include KControl, KGhostView, KPDF,
KDVI and Konqueror. I'm nearly certain that the order of items in the
window operations menu which pops up in response to a right click
changed also (but I can't be sure, I'm going to check this one out
more when I downgrade to 3.2.0). Images of the affected applications
and some of their menus can be found here

5. Like the previous report, KOrganizer ate my calander. I hope it
enjoyed the meal, I know I didn't.

6. Konsole seems to scroll more slowly.

7. My global keyboard shortcuts were altered when I logged in after
the upgrade.

On the plus side, of course at least Konqueror's font handling has
been fixed, but that's not enough to keep me using 3.2.2.

How did I upgrade initially I just did apt-get dist-upgrade and logged
back in. When I noticed the menu problems I purged all the just
installed KDE packages and reinstalled in the hope that it was just
some problem with the install. This did not fix the problems. I've
tried the same applications with another account which had never been
used to run KDE applications before with the same results.

In short I wish I hadn't upgraded.

I'm going to downgrade to 3.2.0 later today, bad and all as its
Konqueror's font handling was at least I could use the

The single thing I miss the most is the ssh-agent starting the
xsession. I usually spawn loads of jobs on numerous boxes over the
course of a day and only being asked for my password once when I
logged into my machine was a godsend. Any ideas on getting this
fucntionality back would be most appreciated.

Anyway, that's just my 2 cent worth.


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