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Re: Konqueror, Mime Types, & Following Links

On Tuesday 13 April 2004 19:10, Sean Kellogg wrote:
> Since the most recent dist-upgrade to kde 3.2.2 Konqueror has become
> somewhat less useful than normal.  If I type a URL directly into the
> location bar, or use a bookmark, all goes as one would expect.  But if I
> click on a link I get the following:
> "There appears to be a configuration error. You have associated Konqueror
> with text/html, but it can't handle this file type."
> Like I said, if I go ahead and type in the address directly, the page will
> load without incident.
> I checked the mailing lists and didn't see anything regarding this issue,
> and there are no bug reports...  so it seems like a problem that only I'm
> experiencing.  I have not changed any configuration for knoq in months, and
> this issue did not surface until after I rebooted my laptop after the
> dist-upgrade.

I'm seeing the same! But already since before the 3.2.2 upgrade on a newly 
installed Unstable system (installed with 3.2.1).


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