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Re: Konqueror does not work with international domain names

On Sunday 11 April 2004 19:38, Dominique Devriese wrote:
> Frans Pop writes:
> > On Sunday 11 April 2004 17:29, Dominique Devriese wrote:
> >> Hendrik Sattler writes:
> >> > Why? The same problem as always: Debian does not ship the
> >> > /usr/lib/libidn.so in libidn11 but only in the development
> >> > package libidn11-dev. However, runtime detection does look for
> >> > exactly that name.
> >>
> >> Yes, you're right.  As always, upstream KDE made the bad decision
> >> to dlopen libs that weren't meant to be dlopen'd.
> >
> > How about filing a bug against upstream as well to ask them to use
> > the library the proper way?
> Well, the problem with that is that KDE upstream has the tendency to
> say "It works for us, and we don't care about the Debian policy.",
> meaning we have to do the work ourselves anyway..

And sometimes it is the fault of the library folks making API changes in 
non-major releases, virtually forcing others to support more than one version 
at a time (e.g. OpenSSL)

Actually dlopen'ing lib for advanced features is helping packager, otherwise 
they would have to build two versions, one with having the option enabled, 
one without.


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