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Re: KDE media players (was Re: Noatun crash at startup?)

El Domingo, 11 de Abril de 2004 02:22, Zack Cerza escribió:
> On Sat April 10 2004 11:01, Tom wrote:
> > On my desperate search for a decent music player
> I can't offer you any advice on Noatun (it's unusable for me as well) but I
> can suggest a couple of alternatives. Neither are in Debian yet, but Intent
> to Package (ITP)'s have been filed for both.

I agree. I was happy with noatun, but now I'm using very happily juk, amarok, 
and kaffeine.

> Amarok is a very nice music-only player for KDE with some fancy
> visualizations and a nice playlist tool. It also has a built-in database of
> streaming servers. I didn't file the ITP because I was beaten to it, but I
> can't find that person's debs so you can try mine if you want.
> http://amarok.sourceforge.net/

I am the ITP'er :-). The package isn't ready yet, but improving, so after 
reading that, I will upload the package. Add this line to sources list:

deb http://darkshines.net/debian unstable amarok

The version is 0.99, but it corresponds to 1.0-beta1, which was released 
yesterday. If new betas are released, I will name them 0.999, 0.9999, etc. 
(yes, probably not the best naming scheme, I know). So be aware it's a 
beta!! ;-)

There are still one or two packaging issues, and gstreamer support is 
disabled, because gstreamer 0.8 isn't yet uploaded to debian unstable. :-(

> Kaffeine is a media player for KDE that's base on Xine, and thus supports
> every audio and video format I've ever heard of. It can use MPlayer codecs.
> It comes with a konqueror plugin that lets you open an embedded clip in a
> full-fledged Kaffeine window, if you want. There's also a mozilla plugin.

Are needed extra packages for that? Or should I do any extra configuration?

> You can save streams and even rebroadcast them from inside Kaffeine. I
> filed the ITP for this one, and my debs should be in Debian within the
> week. If you just can't wait, grab the debs from my site.
> http://kaffeine.sourceforge.net/
> My debs: http://greenfs.mine.nu/files/debs/

Great! I hope it enters in debian soon, but _AFAIK_, it's needed some time 
since new packages are accepted. Remember how much time kde-i18n was stuck, 
because it shipped new languages.

> P.S. Keep in mind that Kaffeine is very new. It's more stable than Noatun
> (for me) but it can be a tad fragile at times. I use amarok for music and
> Kaffeine for movies.

Me too, and don't forget juK. It's really good.

Best regards.

Alex (a.k.a. suy) - GPG ID 0x0B8B0BC2
http://darkshines.net/ - Jabber ID: suy@bulmalug.net

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