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X mysteriously slow, no clue why


I have this REALLY weird problem right now. My whole X has suddenly 
started to be really slow. KDE used to be really snappy and nice to 
use, now it's really sluggish and slow to respond.

I have really run out of ideas where this is coming from. I tried 
finding out what processes might hog the processor with ksysguard, 
top and ps but I had absolutely no luck. The only thing that ever 
uses about 30-40% processor time is X.

The only weird thing was this, from the output of top:
 1636 root       5 -10  187m  55m 133m S  7.5 11.0  10:09.30 XFree86
Why would X have used so much processor time, even though the machine 
is just up for two hours?

I tried shutting down all unnecessary daemons, everything. Nothing 
improves this sluggishness. I don't know exactly when this started, 
it certainly wasn't associated with an update.

I run Debian unstable with all the newest packages, including KDE 
3.2.1 and XFree86 4.3.

Does anybody have a suggestion here? I'm really running out of 
ideas... Thanks in advance,

---  Magnus von Koeller ---
email:    magnus@vonkoeller.de
address:  International University
          Campus 9, App. 13
          D-76646 Bruchsal / Germany
phone:    +49-7251-700-7754
mobile:   +49-179-4562940
web:      http://www.vonkoeller.de

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