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Re: KDE fonts problem

On Fri March 19 2004 01:15 am, Matt Singerman wrote:
 ] Erm...  To be hnoest, I am not sure -- sorry, I haven't used a Linux
 ] machine in a long time :)  How do I check this?  Thanks for your help.

 I get occasional problems (with certain characters only) with
 some of my fonts -- particularly since I installed a bucketload
 of non-deb'd fonts some months ago.  The trouble is that some
 fonts simply aren't complete -- one of my favourite looking fonts
 (Berylium) didn't even have a percentage sign!  Unfortunately
 this isn't the kind of thing you notice immediately.

 I'd suggest that you go into Settings | Control Centre | Appearance &
 Themes | Fonts -- and set fonts back to known good / complete fonts,
 for example FreeSerif or FreeMono, and experiment until you don't
 get the little square boxes where you don't want them.


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