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Knotes, part 2

	Following the advice Joan Tur gave 
(http://lists.debian.org/debian-kde/2004/debian-kde-200403/msg00285.html), I 
purged knotes, removed the configuration files, and reinstalled it. 
Unfortunately, the two bugs remain: knotes adds at least two notes every time 
it quits, and the background color is not preserved. The two notes are either 
"[Actions]" or "[Display]", or one of each, and are small and black. When I 
change the background color for an individual note, or when I change the 
default background color for all new notes, after restarting the program all 
notes, old and new, are yellow again.
	I checked bugs.kde.org and it looks like these bugs have been reported 
several times and closed, but I'm running the latest KDE packages from Sid 
and I can definitely say these bugs exist. Should I even bother reporting 
this upstream, since it looks like upstream hasn't ever really fixed the 
problem? Does anyone have any other suggestions for getting knotes to work 
properly? Again, `apt-get remove --purge knotes`, `rm 
~/.kde/share/apps/knotes`, 'apt-get install knotes` does not fix these bugs 
for me.

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