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Re: 3.1 to 3.2 observations

 Hi Dominique,

 Thanks for taking the time to reply to my rather lengthy ramble.

 ] This is very strange.  Are you sure you haven't done anything wrong
 ] yourself ?  If not, you can file a bug report about this at
 ] bugs.kde.org.

 I did an upgrade of about 200mb today, and a screenful of packages
 according to apt, so I've no idea which bit (if any) would have
 replaced the bookmarks.xml.  Obviously, given it's under my ~/.kde
 directory, it wasn't during the apt-get process .. but I mean that I've
 no idea what package might be responsible for triggering whatever
 it was that replaced the bookmarks.xml file.

 If no one else has experienced this, then I'm happy to ignore it
 (it'd be a pretty useless bug report if it's a once-off).  I'm going
 to upgrade the laptop, similarly configured as this machine,
 later this week -- if it happens there then I'll start to get paranoid.

 ] > 2.  kdm (and configuration files associated with same) still
 ] >      continue to assume everyone has 6 consoles and that X starts on
 ] >      vt7.  Something for debconf perhaps.  (F5's always seemed a far
 ] >      more  sensible place.)
 ] /etc/kde3/kdm/Xservers is a config file, you can edit it.

 Oh, sure, and the deb package asks if I want to keep it or not,
 but it's probably more a wishlist thing for the Debian package to
 separate out user-configurable stuff (vt for X, kdm wallpaper etc).

 ] Don't upgrade kde while you have a kde session open.

 Of course!  But when I came back into KDE (after the upgrade
 was done) there were a few konq's I had left on my desktop that
 loaded up again and showed the html source.  Reload gave the
 same results, which was pretty weird, given that copying the uri's
 into new konq instances gave the right results.

 <kabc distribution lists>
 ] I don't know about this.  Again, if you think this is a bug, you can
 ] file a bug report about this at bugs.kde.org.

 [nod]  Already a bug about this one, and apparently it's fixed
 in the cvs already.  (Bug # 73597 )

 <taskbar changed from two rows to three>
 ] Is this a problem ?  AFAIK, it decides how many apps to show in there
 ] based on the size of the panel you set.

 It is a problem because it's an unexpected change -- I didn't change the
 size of my panel -- it's the same size it was before the upgrade.  And
 therefore a default's been changed by someone who liked this look better.
 But that's a generic take on the problem.  Specifically yes, it's ugly, it's
 hard to peck and find the application I want to find now, and it looks
 really cluttered.  A bug already exists on this one (77407).

 ] I don't know about this.  Again, if you think this is a bug, you can
 ] file a bug report about this at bugs.kde.org.

 I'm still getting the hang of kontact and searching the net about
 this one -- the way that kontact embeds the 'ToDo List' is a little
 odd (much is replicated from Calendar).  I've filed a few things
 this evening that are definitely bugs, and am holding off on other
 things until I work out whether they really are (or whether I'm
 really dumb :).  And yes, I'm usually pretty careful about whether
 I file them at bugs.kde or bugs.debian.

 I'll have more accurate insights once I upgrade the next couple
 of machines.  ;)


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