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Re: 3.1 to 3.2 observations

jedd  writes:

>  Howdi, I'm running unstable with very few ring-in packages, and
>  finally did the Big Upgrade (based on the perception that things
>  seem to have settled down a bit now, and based on the fore-warning
>  about -dpi and session choice ;)

> 1.  Bookmarks disappeared.  Specifically my konq bookmarks
>  located at ~/.kde/share/apps/konqueror/bookmarks.xml got
>  overwritten by an empty template.  Most disconcerting.

This is very strange.  Are you sure you haven't done anything wrong
yourself ?  If not, you can file a bug report about this at

> 2.  kdm (and configuration files associated with same) still
>      continue to assume everyone has 6 consoles and that X starts on
>      vt7.  Something for debconf perhaps.  (F5's always seemed a far
>      more  sensible place.)

/etc/kde3/kdm/Xservers is a config file, you can edit it.

> 3.  html handling seemed borked briefly, with complaints about
>      khtml*.la during loading.  Once the upgrade was complete,
>      w-konq's I had open in my earlier session were loading up and
>      showing the html code, rather than parsing it.  Re-loading
>      those pages continued to show the source.  Copy-n-paste the
>      url's into new alt-f2's and they loaded fine.  Strange.

Don't upgrade kde while you have a kde session open.

> 4.  kabc seems to have lost sight of my sole distribution list, but
>      the rest
>  of the data appears to be intact.  The distlists file still exists
>  in ../kabc/ but isn't being respected.  Seemingly the [ ] format
>  has changed from (say) [/home/jedd/.kde/share/apps/kabc/std.vcf] to
>  [1BR9Ani8qT] ... so no wonder we're both confused.

I don't know about this.  Again, if you think this is a bug, you can
file a bug report about this at bugs.kde.org.

> 5.  The panel, specifically the taskbar component, is showing apps
>  three-high rather than (previously) two-high, but I can't see where
>  that setting / default was changed.  I've upped the font size to
>  try to talk it out of this .. but it didn't help.

Is this a problem ?  AFAIK, it decides how many apps to show in there
based on the size of the panel you set.

> 6.  knotes decided to, for reasons I don't quite understand yet,
>      bless me
>  with an addition 20 notes - 16 called [Actions] and 4 called
>  [Display].  It makes for a very yellow desktop.

This is a known bug:

> 7.  In kontact I can't work out how to un-embed the 'todo' section
>      of korganizer
>  .. now that to-do's are visible in their own application.  I seem
>  to recall it took me ages to work out how to get the danged things
>  *into* korganizer eons ago too .. so this doesn't bode well.

I don't know about this.  Again, if you think this is a bug, you can
file a bug report about this at bugs.kde.org.

>  Yes, some/many of those will have been observed in the bts, and
>  that's where I'm heading next.  I believe many kde / debian users
>  track this list for potential problems before making a plunge into
>  something new, so this is a kind of heads-up.

If you're filing bug reports on bugs that are clearly upstream
problems, can you then please file them at bugs.kde.org.

>  One bit of [always valid] advice : backup ~/.kde/ before you
>  upgrade.

>  Having said all that, the whole process was actually quite
>  painless.  I dropped out of kde & stopped kdm before doing the
>  upgrade, which might help.  The two stumbling blocks were some
>  force-overwrite stuff needed with three packages wanting to do
>  something with plastik, 

please file a bug report on this.

> and the non-KDE related problems with
>  libxft divert's that are still pending (fixable by checking the
>  debian bug against that package).

>  So a very big thank you to all those involved.  If I can replace a
>  few hundred meatybytes and only get hit with these problems, that's
>  a pretty danged impressive feat on your behalf.

I'm sure the relevant people are on this list :)


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