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Re: ICQ programs for KDE

Am Freitag, 5. März 2004 10:42 schrieb Jan Ulrich Hasecke:
> Paul Johnson <baloo@ursine.ca> writes:
> > ICQ is slowly getting killed off by AOL in favor of AIM.  Consider
> > switching to Jabber.

I eventually take a look at it but _everyone_ I know uses ICQ (lots of Windows 
users with e.g. Trillian) and none of them uses Jabber.
Additionally, the servers mentioned at jabber.org have no indication about 
capacity, stability and reliability in general.

> Via Jabber you can use ICQ and AIM through gateways.

Yes, but what I read so far, at least the ICQ gateways are neither common nor 
very stable.

> I like the Jabber-Client Psi. Kopete has too many drawbacks.

What are the drawbacks for Jabber with Kopete? Can Psi also use ICQ directly? 
Can Psi integrate with KDE?


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