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ICQ programs for KDE


I had some bad experiences today with ICQ programs for KDE.

Kopete (0.7.4):
++ nice interface and comes with KDE (at least when KDE3.2 is in Debian)
-- very incomplete implementation:
   * I do not see some people and they don't see me
   * system message are completely ignored
   * online contact list is not really used
++ very nice smileys :)
-- doesn't recognize when a window is open but not on top (one has to check

sim-icq (0.8.3):
+- dialog layout is too "packed" (simply doesn't look good).
+- crashed a lot in past, current version is sid seems to be stable
++ works with online contact list (verified with go.icq.com)
-- clicking on the tray icon needs way too much time to show/hide the contact
   list windows (very annoying)
++ only on-top windows mark the message as read
-- some online settings seems to be there but have wrong status (or simply
   don't work)

My main question: why can't those two work together. Obviously sim-icq can do 
much more that Kopete's ICQ plugin? Both are GPL'ed but that doesn't seem to 
help :-(
Right now (well, both are not the latest, greatest versions) in Debian 
unstable, the situation is rather unsatisfying...
I like the features of sim-icq and the interface of Kopete.

Any comments?


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