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Re: XPlanet

Am Freitag, 27. Februar 2004 12:55 schrieb Doug Holland:
> > Actually, xplanet and kdesktop conflict. I you really want xplanet run
> > nice (and other programs like xpenguin or xsnow), kill kdesktop.
> > Note however that you will loose background context men�icons on
> > the desktop.
> > All other ways are simply bad hacks that do not really solve the problem
> > with kdesktop.
> Not really.  If set up to run as a background program in the background
> options, what happens is kdesktop runs xplanet every n minutes.  xplanet
> does it's thing, and outputs a .jpg file, then kdesktop uses that jpeg as
> the background.

That's what I call "bad hack" because it is not a general approach to a 
problem that...

> xsnow and xpenguin do have a tendency to fight with kdesktop.

...you then have with those two programs.
I can _all_ three of them at once and they work but only if kdesktop is _not_ 
running. Ok, xsnow and xpenguin overdraw each other a bit but they work.
Obviously kdesktop is unable to create the desktop with another program 
managing the background directly (like xplanet).
Or maybe it's the concept of X that makes this impossible?


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