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Re: Safe to upgrade testing/sid KDE now?

On Wednesday 25 February 2004 05:59, Hereon wrote:

> I have a KDE 3.1.4 on testing/woody, for x86, using pinning to get the
> sid debs, last updated about 2 mos ago.

Well if you know enough to be able to handle the trouble of keeping a system 
in such a weird state, then yes I'd say it's probably safe. No problems 
currently as far as I can see. We are all waiting for KDE 3.1.5 to go into 
testing from unstable, and as soon as KDE 3.2.1 is released we will 
eventually want to have that in unstable I'll bet.

With all the complaints about KDE 3.2 that is cropping up, I am not seeing 
that in unstable before 3.2.1 is released.

But anyway as far as I know everything is pretty quiet in pure unstable right 


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