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Safe to upgrade testing/sid KDE now?

Is there info available that indicates whether it is "safe" to apt-get
upgrade a KDE system? [ie, that the upgrade will not result in major
packages missing, or not working.]

I have a KDE 3.1.4 on testing/woody, for x86, using pinning to get the
sid debs, last updated about 2 mos ago.

I saw:
Re: KDE 3.1.5 Status Update - 20040217
where I see:
> * Packages that still need to build:
> kdebase 3.1.5-2
> -------
> s390- failed? Feb 5 due to buggy (#231972) kernel headers (not yet fixed)

So will kdebase 3.1.5 not install & work in x86 also?

and : KDE 3.1.5/3.2 Status Update - 20040219

Would it be a nice additional thing to have, to have a
"don't_upgrade=broken/ok_to_upgrade" indicator put in the DebianKDE wiki
to be used as a simple alert that it is ok to upgrade, or that some
things are broken, therefore don't upgrade currently.

Also, what is "experimental", mentioned in the above (2/19) email?  

Thx  :)

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