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Re: WP8 for Linux is toast in KDE 3.2

On February 20, 2004 10:24, Andrew Schulman wrote:
> > KDE 3.2 depends on xlibs 4.3.x, which conflicts with xlib6, which
> > is required for WP8 for Linux to run.  Therefore, WP8 is toast.
> Following a suggestion from Hendrik Sattler, I unpacked the xlib6
> package into its own directory:
> $ dpkg -x /var/cache/apt/archives/xlib6_3.3.6-44_i386.deb /opt/xlib6
> and tried to start WP using those versions of the X libraries:
> $ LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/opt/xlib6/usr/i486-linuxlibc1/lib
> /opt/wp8/wpbin/xwp
> When I do this WP starts, and I see the initial splash screen.  Then
> it segfaults.  By comprarison,
> $ /opt/wp8/wpbin/xwp
> /opt/wp8/wpbin/xwp: can't load library 'libXt.so.6'
> So it seems that using the old libraries almost works, except that it
> doesn't.  My guess is that the old xlib6 libraries are just
> incompatible with xlibs 4.3, in which case there's really no way to
> run WP8 in KDE 3.2.
> So my options for reading and writing WP documents in Linux are
> dwindling.  I can run WP2K for Linux, or set up a virtual Windows
> machine just to run WP.  I'll also look into AbiWord, although I need
> to be able to write WP documents, not just read them.
> Any other solutions, please let me know.

Andrew, I face the same problem. I have been using WordPerfect since 
1986 and do not relish giving it up, least of all for a product with 
lesser functionality (read almost all other word processors, 
regrettably including OpenOffice.org).

According to the search contents of packages page on the Debian web 
site, the library libXt.so.6 is provided in Debian sid/unstable by the 
package libXt6. This package is one of the depends of unstable xlibs.

It appears that at least this dependency of WordPerfect can be meant. I 
am not an expert in forcing installs on Debian. Perhaps others in this 
list can advise us how to proceed.

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