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Re: KHTMLPart compilation failed

On Thursday 19 February 2004 20:49, Tom Badran wrote:
> On Thu 19 February 2004 18:52, charalam@lsi.upc.es wrote:
> > I want to upgrade a working kde3.14 application to kde3.2, but it
> > fails compiling a KHTMLPart object of my view widget. To debug it, I
> > have just changed my object with the following code (provided as part
> > of an example found at the kde3.2 api reference):
> >
> > KURL url = "http://www.kde.org";;
> > KHTMLPart *w = new KHTMLPart();
> >
> > but it also fails giving me the same output:
> >
> > myfile.o (.text +0x538)
> > myfile.cpp: undefined reference to 'KHTMLPart(int, QWidget *, char
> > const *, QObject *, char const *, KHTMLPart::GUIProfile)'
> Should you not be using ktrader to request an object that can handle
> mimetype text/html and provides a kpart interface? This would give you
> a khtmlpart but if, in future there were multiple providers it would
> give you whichever is 'best'.

Not necessarily.
Perhaps KHTML is needed for some of its specific API, for example access of 
the DOM tree, or notification of clicks on links, etc.

As the error above is a linker error, the code seems to be correct.

Maybe you are not linking against libkhtml or the wrong version of it.

Anyway, I guess this kind of questions are better suited on kde-devel.


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