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Re: KHTMLPart compilation failed

On Thu 19 February 2004 18:52, charalam@lsi.upc.es wrote:
> I want to upgrade a working kde3.14 application to kde3.2, but it
> fails compiling a KHTMLPart object of my view widget. To debug it, I
> have just changed my object with the following code (provided as part
> of an example found at the kde3.2 api reference):
> KURL url = "http://www.kde.org";;
> KHTMLPart *w = new KHTMLPart();
> but it also fails giving me the same output:
> myfile.o (.text +0x538)
> myfile.cpp: undefined reference to 'KHTMLPart(int, QWidget *, char
> const *, QObject *, char const *, KHTMLPart::GUIProfile)'

Should you not be using ktrader to request an object that can handle 
mimetype text/html and provides a kpart interface? This would give you 
a khtmlpart but if, in future there were multiple providers it would 
give you whichever is 'best'.

This code should do what you want:

KTrader::OfferList offers = KTrader::self()->query("text/html", 
                                        "'KParts/ReadOnlyPart' in 
KLibFactory *factory = 0;
// in theory, we only care about the first one.. but let's try all
// offers just in case the first can't be loaded for some reason
KTrader::OfferList::Iterator it(offers.begin());
for( ; it != offers.end(); ++it) {
        KService::Ptr ptr = (*it);

        // we now know that our offer can handle HTML and is a part.
        // since it is a part, it must also have a library... let's try 
        // load that now
        factory = KLibLoader::self()->factory( ptr->library() );
        if (factory) {
    m_html = static_cast<KParts::ReadOnlyPart *>(factory->create(this, 
                          ptr->name(), "KParts::ReadOnlyPart"));

For reference it can be found at:

Hope this helps

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