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KHTMLPart compilation failed


I want to upgrade a working kde3.14 application to kde3.2, but it 
fails compiling a KHTMLPart object of my view widget. To debug it, I 
have just changed my object with the following code (provided as part 
of an example found at the kde3.2 api reference):

KURL url = "http://www.kde.org";;
KHTMLPart *w = new KHTMLPart();

but it also fails giving me the same output:

myfile.o (.text +0x538)
myfile.cpp: undefined reference to 'KHTMLPart(int, QWidget *, char 
const *, QObject *, char const *, KHTMLPart::GUIProfile)'

I did not forget to include the corresponding header files 
<khtml_part.h> <kurl.h> and, as you can see, I am not passing any int 
parameter to the KHTMLPart constructor (which is not in the api 
reference either).

Hints are very welcome.

Best regards and servus,

Jean Pierre

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