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Re: KDE 3.1.5 Status Update - 20040217

On Tue, Feb 17, 2004 at 08:47:22AM -0500, Josh Metzler wrote:
> (Cross posted to debian-kde, as many there are wondering why KDE 3.2 
> isn't in unstable yet.)

Here's a follow-up, as some slightly strange things happened in testing
last night which bear explaining.

> Chris hasn't done a status update for a while, so I'll try to make do. 
> But, first some exciting news - arts 1.2.0 (the version that was 
> released with KDE 3.2) is going into experimental today.  I expect that 
> means KDE 3.2 will follow it in the near future.  Thank you, Chris.
> Some more good news - only two packages still need to build - kdebase 
> and kdegraphics.  And, two of the three builds should succeed when retried.
> * Packages that still need to build:
> kdebase 3.1.5-2
> -------
> s390	- failed? Feb 5 due to buggy (#231972) kernel headers (not yet fixed)
> kdepim (3.1.4-1) - waits for libmal (5 of 10 days old)
> kdebase (3.1.3-1)
> kdegames (3.1.4-1)
>   both wait for alsa-lib which waits for jack-audio-connection-kit
> kdegraphics (3.1.4-1) - waits for libusb (5 of 10 days old)
> kdeaddons (2.2.2-4 !) - waits for kdegames and kdebase
> --
> So, the main bottle-necks are linux-kernel-headers on s390 and 
> jack-audio-connection-kit moving into testing.

kdebase/s390 was built - somehow, and I think by hand - so last night
the testing scripts considered meta-kde, kdeaddons, kdebase, and
kdegames as "valid candidates". (This means that they don't have obvious
problems that bar them from testing, but they may still fail if
promoting the new packages results in more uninstallable packages than

While kdeaddons, kdebase, and kdegames are still waiting for other
things to happen, meta-kde was upgraded in testing. The reason for this
was that it was actually already uninstallable there, so upgrading it
didn't make the situation any worse. You can see at
http://ftp-master.debian.org/testing/testing_probs.html that it's still

As for the remaining things to happen before jack-audio-connection-kit
and alsa-lib can be promoted, which will include kdeaddons, kdebase, and

  ardour needs to be built on arm
  gst-plugins needs to be built on mipsel
  gst-plugins is 2 days old; needs 10
  libjackasyn has just had bug #232605 fixed, which needs to be built
  redland is waiting for perl
  perl needs to be built on m68k, but has problems (#233175)
  spiralsynthmodular is 7 days old; needs 10

So, getting there ...

Colin Watson                                  [cjwatson@flatline.org.uk]

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