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KDE 3.1.5 Status Update - 20040217

(Cross posted to debian-kde, as many there are wondering why KDE 3.2 isn't in unstable yet.)

Chris hasn't done a status update for a while, so I'll try to make do. But, first some exciting news - arts 1.2.0 (the version that was released with KDE 3.2) is going into experimental today. I expect that means KDE 3.2 will follow it in the near future. Thank you, Chris.

Some more good news - only two packages still need to build - kdebase and kdegraphics. And, two of the three builds should succeed when retried.

* Packages that still need to build:

kdebase 3.1.5-2
s390	- failed? Feb 5 due to buggy (#231972) kernel headers (not yet fixed)

kdegraphics 3.1.5-1
mipsel	- failed? Jan 13 due to buggy gcc (3.3.3-0pre1)
s390	- failed? Feb 6 due to uninstallable xpdf-utils (fixed Feb 10)

* Architectures that need packages built:

mipsel - kdegraphics
s390 - kdebase, kdegraphics

* Packages not at latest version in testing:
Format: package (version in testing) - reason 3.1.5 can't go in

kdepim (3.1.4-1) - waits for libmal (5 of 10 days old)
kdebase (3.1.3-1)
kdegames (3.1.4-1)
  both wait for alsa-lib which waits for jack-audio-connection-kit
kdegraphics (3.1.4-1) - waits for libusb (5 of 10 days old)
kdeaddons (2.2.2-4 !) - waits for kdegames and kdebase


So, the main bottle-necks are linux-kernel-headers on s390 and jack-audio-connection-kit moving into testing.


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