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Re: Problems with KDE3.2

> There's a conflict between kdelibs-data and today's version of 
> openoffice.org-mimelnk (1.1.0-6), they both provide
>   /usr/share/mimelnk/application/vnd*.desktop

As a follow-up to that: what kdelibs should do (IMHO) is not ship the
files and instead recommend OOo-mimelink.  KOffice used to ship these
files, which clashed with OOo at the time.  After discussing with the
OOo maintainers, we decided on this solution (koffice doesn't ship the
files, OOo splits them out into a separate -mimelnk package, koffice
recommends OOo-mimelnk), so that nothing conflicted with anything else
and neither OOo nor koffice users were required to install any more of
the other suite than was necessary.


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