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Problems with KDE3.2

I just installed the kde packages for sid from the non-official 
repositories on people.debian.org

1) ksmserver didn't got installed automatically

2) missing a lot of MIME types (reported in .xsession-errors)

3) undefined symbols related to OpenSSL, all beggining with "kdecore 
(KLibLoader): WARNING: KLibrary: /usr/lib/libkdecore.so.4"
undefined symbol: PKCS7_content_free
undefined symbol: OpenSSL_add_all_algorithms
undefined symbol: OpenSSL_add_all_algorithms_conf
undefined symbol: OpenSSL_add_all_algorithms_noconf

4) Konqi's sidebar does not work, but if I remember correctly, it is a 
known issue.
Sylvain Joyeux

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