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Re: Problems with KDE3.2

On Tue, Feb 17, 2004 at 04:58:06PM +1100, jedd wrote:
> On Tue February 17 2004 03:07 pm, Chris Cheney wrote:
>  ] The konq sidebar issue and the nsplugin issue both will be resolved in
>  ] the next set of debs. I am starting to upload them to experimental now,
>  ] but I am not sure when they will be complete.
>  Chris,
>  I'm as eager as the next guy, but I understand there's a non-trivial
>  amount of work getting everything packaged up.  Take your time.
>  The debian-wiki site suggests some pretty serious problems with
>  kmail, konq, koffice dependencies, and a portentous comment
>  'Probably many other problems'.
>  Are these typically related to kde, or to the packaging?  IOW, should
>  we be waiting for the release of KDE 3.2.1, or the release of kde*_3.2-1
>  .debs, if you see what I mean.

KDE 3.2.0 is quite buggy but I am as always using current branch in this
case "KDE_3_2_BRANCH" to get all the latest fixes. The package
conflicts issues should be resolved with the next upload. As for other
problems this is early in the KDE release cycle so ymmv. ;)


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