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Re: Problems with KDE3.2

On Tue February 17 2004 03:07 pm, Chris Cheney wrote:
 ] The konq sidebar issue and the nsplugin issue both will be resolved in
 ] the next set of debs. I am starting to upload them to experimental now,
 ] but I am not sure when they will be complete.


 I'm as eager as the next guy, but I understand there's a non-trivial
 amount of work getting everything packaged up.  Take your time.

 The debian-wiki site suggests some pretty serious problems with
 kmail, konq, koffice dependencies, and a portentous comment
 'Probably many other problems'.

 Are these typically related to kde, or to the packaging?  IOW, should
 we be waiting for the release of KDE 3.2.1, or the release of kde*_3.2-1
 .debs, if you see what I mean.


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