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Re: KDE 3.2 Progress

On Monday 16 February 2004 21:20, Paul Johnson wrote:

> > Do we _have_ to have KDE 3.1 working in platforms like M68000?
> > I doubt that old chip family has the horsepower to handle KDE.
> Runs about as fast as a Pentium from what I've seen.  Actually gets
> reasonably quick about it if you overclock the bugger to 25 MHz or
> so...that's how we recycled a bunch of LCIIIs back in high school.
> Cut a hole in the case cover, slapped a monsterous heatsink on there,
> cranked it up to 25MHz, let it fly.

And then there is 68020, 030,040 and 060.

The 060 runs at 50 MHz.

I really ought to fire up my Amiga some day for a test run.. :)


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