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Re: KDE 3.2 Progress

On Monday 16 February 2004 10:34 am, Robert Tilley wrote:
> I have to comment on the seemingly logical contradiction of KDE 3.2.0
> existing in the "stable" distribution while missing from the "unstable" or
> "testing" branches.
> I will have to give the KDE Team minus points on this one.  While we all
> greatly appreciate the improvements in KDE 3.2, having to run stable (with
> the corresponding lack of software) is an impediment.
> --
> Comments are appreciated,
> Bob

There are two issues keeping KDE 3.2 our of unstable.  One is that KDE 3.1.5 
needs to make it into testing so that we are guarenteed to release the next 
Debian with a complete KDE.  For this to happen, all of the packages need to 
compile on all 11 of the architectures, a process that is almost completed.  
KDE 3.2 is likely to have some RC bugs, which will keep it out of testing for 
some time, and Debian is hoping to release soon.

The second issue is the Debian packaging - ensuring that all of the packages 
have the appropriate components in them, and that they have correctly 
specified the other Debian packages that they depend on, conflict with, and 
replace.  This is still not completed in the semi-official packages that can 
be found on the wiki (http://wiki.debian.net/?DebianKDE), though I'm sure 
this has been given less urgency since the packages could not be put in 
unstable anyway.

Now to your argument - I agree it doesn't make sense for KDE 3.2 packages to 
be available for stable but not for unstable.  A final reason for this is 
that there are two KDE teams.  The stable packages were not made by the 
Debian KDE maintainers, but by the KDE project, and they were made using a 
snapshot of the incomplete Debian packaging.  If you browse the list 
archives, you will see that people have had problems with these packages.  It 
is my understanding that when 3.2 is released to unstable, the stable 
backports will be recreated using the updated packaging.  In my opinion, it 
was inappropriate for KDE to release Debian stable backports using incomplete 
packaging, but that was their decision, and that is why 3.2 is available for 


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