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Re: Why kpdf sucks so much?

Matej Cepl writes:

> On Saturday 14 of February 2004 13:17, Dominique Devriese wrote:
>> > kpdf still uses xpdf 2.02. This could be the problem.
>> I think that the problem is that kpdf only uses the xpdf parsing of
>> the pdf.  It does its own rendering using Qt primitives like
>> QPainter.  Can you please file a bug report about this, cause I
>> think it's an important problem ?

> I am sorry, but I am not with you. Bug report where? To Debian BTS
> (because kpdf apparently needs xpdf >= 2.02, but it does not have it
> among its dependencies

xpdf does not provide a library, and therefore, kpdf has included a
copy of xpdf in its own sources.

> ), or to KDE (because there is something
> broken with it)?

So indeed, this is where the bug report should go.


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