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Re: Why kpdf sucks so much?

On Saturday 14 of February 2004 22:44, Matej Cepl wrote:
> On Saturday 14 of February 2004 13:17, Dominique Devriese
> wrote: 
> > > kpdf still uses xpdf 2.02. This could be the problem.
> I am sorry, but I am not with you. Bug report where? To Debian 
> BTS (because kpdf apparently needs xpdf >= 2.02, but it does
> not  have it among its dependencies), or to KDE (because there
> is  something broken with it)?

And just for the record: kpdf 0.3 (from KDE 3.2) doesn't work 
even with xpdf 2.03 (from backports.org). The effect is exactly 
the same as described in the top of this thread.


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