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Some help on konsole fonts?


I've noticed monthly changes in my konsole fonts. Every time this happens, I
find myself stumblig through several font configurations, removing .font* files,
rebuilding font caches, installing font x, removing font y, switching from
xfs-xtt to xfsxtt and back - and spending time calling dpkg-reconfigure fontconfig,
trying to switch diverse options on and off. Normally that helps somehow - not
this time.

Now I've broken fonts again and I changed nothing for at least two months.

Here's like it looks like:


xfonts-konsole is installed, my fonts are set to "Huge". Anti-aliased fonts do
work, but they are much to slow for someone who's main application is the
konsole. Look at #219548, too.

What can I do to fix this problem (at least) forever? (Ok - it's enough to have
it fixed for lets say another two months ;-))


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